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  • Absolutely Alfie and the worst best sleepoverAbsolutely Alfie and the worst best sleepover

    Warner, Sally, 1946- author.

    When Alfie's former best friend, Lulu, announces she's hosting the best sleepover ever---and that she's only allowed to invite six girls---Alfie hopes to be one of the lucky few.

  • Teddy's favorite toyTeddy's favorite toy

    Trimmer, Christian, author.

    Teddy's favorite toy has the best manners, and the sickest fighting skills, and the ability to pull off a number of fierce looks. But when his toy goes missing, it turns out there's another woman around who's pretty fierce--it's Teddy's mom, and she will stop at nothing to reunite Teddy with his favorite toy.

  • Goldfish on vacationGoldfish on vacation

    Lloyd-Jones, Sally, 1960- author.

    Three goldfish live in a small bowl, in an apartment building, in the middle of a big city, until one summer they get to go on vacation--in a fountain, with lily pads, and reeds, and other neighborhood goldfish.

  • The haunted house next doorThe haunted house next door

    Miedoso, Andres, author.

    When supernatural things start happening in the house timid Andres and his parents just moved into, next-door-neighbor Desmond Cole, eight, comes to the rescue.

  • StrongheartStrongheart : wonder dog of the silver screen

    Fleming, Candace, author.

    A German shepherd is transformed from Etzel, a police dog in Berlin, to Strongheart, a silent movie star that will need his best acting skills to prove himself innocent of attacking a girl.

  • When Sophie thinks she can'tWhen Sophie thinks she can't

    Bang, Molly, author, illustrator.

    Sophie is discourgaged because she always struggles with math and puzzles--until her teacher shows her the hidden value of "try" and "yet."

  • The island at the end of everythingThe island at the end of everything

    Hargrave, Kiran Millwood, 1990- author.

    When the Phillipine government takes over Culion, an island for people with leprosy, Ami is put in an orphanage on another island, where she finds a friend willing to help her return before her mother dies.

  • The boo-boos that changed the worldThe boo-boos that changed the world : a true story about an accidental invention (really!)

    Wittenstein, Barry.

    Did you know Band-Aids were invented by accident?! And it wasn't until the Boy Scouts of America tested the prototype that this ubiquitous household staple was made available to the public.

  • Different abilitiesDifferent abilities

    Pettiford, Rebecca, author.

    In Different Abilities, beginning readers will learn to celebrate diversity by appreciating the variety of abilities people have.

  • CavesCaves

    Pettiford, Rebecca, author.

    In Caves, learn about the geologic processes that create caves, as well as the unique animals and formations inside.

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