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  • Martina the Beautiful CockroachMartina the Beautiful Cockroach

    Deedy, Carmen Agra, 2017.

  • Bearded dragonBearded dragon

    Reed, Cristie, author. aut

    Bearded dragons are fat, friendly, and funny. They have spiny scales that look like human whiskers. They are sociable and delight in connecting with humans. They will climb up your arm and perch on your shoulder. They use head-bobbing, waving, and color changes to communicate. Learn all about these remarkable reptiles and see if a bearded dragon is the right pet for you!

  • Birthday gone wrongBirthday gone wrong

    Greve, Meg, author. aut

    Jocelyn and Kami have been best friends ever since they could play in the mud. When Kami's parents go out of town for business on her birthday, Jocelyn knows just how to cheer her up, a birthday party! But Jocelyn didn't expect her friend to find a new BFF.

  • BMW M4BMW M4

    Walker, Kevin, author. aut

    Vibrant photos, exciting details, and historical context bring one of the hottest sports cars, the BMW M4, to life for readers of all ages.

  • Chevy CorvetteChevy Corvette

    Piddock, Charles, author. aut

    This title gives the history of the famous Corvette and how it has improved and changed over the years.

  • Circuitry and electronicsCircuitry and electronics

    Suen, Anastasia, author. aut

    Make your own electronic devices. Turn on a light with pencil lead, run a clock with potatoes, experiment with play dough power, make touchscreen gloves, and transform a shoe box into a lamp.

  • Cleaning dayCleaning day

    Newman, Constance, author. aut

    Time to clean the house. All the family has jobs to do. However, Max the dog keeps making things dirty again. Will they ever finish cleaning?

  • Craft and design 3-DCraft and design 3-D

    Suen, Anastasia, author. aut

    Easy to follow three-dimensional makerspace projects, including 3-D printing, for library, classroom and home.

  • The Creepy CathedralThe Creepy Cathedral

    Canasi, Brittany, author. aut

    The G.H.O.S.T. Squad investigates a spirit who's been playing the church's organ, messing with tapestries, and freaking out churchgoers.

  • Do robots get space sick?Do robots get space sick?

    Baker, Theo, author. aut

    Earth kids meet alien kids in this action-packed series that follows young athletes throughout the universe competing in the Galaxy Games. Can they compete against a robot though?

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Popular Titles

  • Be quiet!Be quiet!

    Higgins, Ryan T., author, illustrator.

    Rupert the mouse wants to star in an artistic, wordless picture book, but his animal friends cause problems by talking too much.

  • Amulet FirelightAmulet Firelight / Book 7

    Kibuishi, Kazu.

    Emily, Trellis, and Vigo arrive on Algos Island to access lost memories to unwrap mysteries about Trellis's childhood that can be used against the Elf King only to find a dark secret that changes everything while the voice of Emily's amulet gains strength, threatening to completely take her over. In graphic novel format.

  • GhostsGhosts

    Telgemeier, Raina, author, illustrator.

    Catrina and her family have moved to the coast of Northern California for the sake of her little sister, Maya, who has cystic fibrosis--and Cat is even less happy about the move when she is told that her new town is inhabited by ghosts, and Maya sets her heart on meeting one.

  • BulldogsBulldogs

    Schuh, Mari C., author. aut

    Short and chunky, bulldogs are stout both in stature and personality. Snoring, slobbering, and sleeping are bulldogs' favorite past times, but nothing makes them so charming as their devotion to their owners. Learn more about how the bulldog breed became a family favorite!

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Double DownDiary of a Wimpy Kid Double Down

    Kinney, Jeff, 2016.

    The pressure is piling up on Greg Heffley. His mom thinks video games are turning his brain to mush, so she wants her son to put down the controller and explore his "creative side".

  • Siberian huskiesSiberian huskies

    Bowman, Chris, 1990-

    Simple text and photographs introduce Siberian huskies.

  • Roller girlRoller girl

    Jamieson, Victoria.

    A graphic novel adventure about a girl who discovers roller derby right as she and her best friend are growing apart.

  • Babymouse Bad BabysitterBabymouse Bad Babysitter : bad babysitter

    Holm, Jennifer L.

    Babymouse discovers that babysitting is not as easy as it sounds.

  • SistersSisters

    Telgemeier, Raina.

    Raina can't wait to be a big sister, but once Amara is born, she realizes things won't be how she expected. Companion to the graphic novel memoir, Smile.

  • The pigeon needs a bath!The pigeon needs a bath!

    Willems, Mo, author, illustrator.

    "The Pigeon is dirty and he needs a bath, but he won't go willingly"--Provided by publisher.

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